Sunday, April 17, 2005


I was traveling


that was having difficulty staying on the tracks.

It was loud
with metal
scraping against metal.

There was no actual train
it was more like a rectangular tunnel
a wall that we leaned against.

We were informed
that because the train was not able to stay on the tracks
we would have to get off.

We were in a desert
all sand and brush.

Walking up a small sand dune
an oasis appeared before us.
By the entrance
lay a single rose
I bent down to pick it up.

As I lifted the rose
tiny thorns appeared all over the stem
and I had to drop it back on the sand.

We began strolling along the pathway
in the oasis
it seemed to be some kind of zoo.
We thought of finding a monkey
that was really our friend in disguise.

Appearing above us was a
everything else seemed as if it was washed in grey

I started to sing

Somewhere over the rainbow"

and as I did

my friends saw the rainbow
and joined in

" Somewhere over the rainbow"

but try as we might

and it became a very loud song
the other people in the zoo couldn't see the rainbow
or hear us sing
and their colour faded to grey.

-Sophie Robertson


Crystal "B" said...

Oh Sophie!!!!

I just heard Louise Arbor interviewed and they asked her if she felt she had succeeded in making a difference in her life and she answered that she gaged her success by whethere she had made a difference in relation to the opportunities presented to her and she was very thankful for the opportunities she had been given.

I heard this and thought of you. My thought was, bless ya for not waiting to be presented with anything. You just forge ahead.

Thanks for making me THINK!!!!


Sophie Robertson said...

Wow, thanks Crystal. Funny how your comment came when I began to doubt my significance. Life sure is an interesting ride - glad you're part of mine.