Friday, January 13, 2006

I Get Letters ...

... and I read them too! In the spirit of conversation I thought that, this being the first entry of the New Year, I would write about some of the subjects that are on your minds ... of course they're on my mind too. Conversations work so much better when they involve more than one participant.

Changing our reality - YIKES, that's a big one! I was reading my favorite physicist's writing on the subject and he, I think, is on to something. We get so trapped in our day to day lives, our ups and downs, our victories and defeats, and our drama of being whoever we believe we are at the time that we get stuck.

Being truly spiritual in this world is not easy. Connecting to our spirit in this world is not easy. Changing our world in this world is not easy. There are other possibilities for us to choose from in this world - but it requires a leap. Living in a day to day drama filled life is only a phase - much like the terrible two's. Changing our reality requires us to speak with our spirit through feelings. Yes speaking with the spirit about the latest drama certainly will have some effect - but you're still operating from base camp - take the leap, step out of your mundane life and get into the big picture.

I did say YIKES at the beginning of this conversation didn't I? The problem in a day to day life is you are stuck in a problem arises find the solution cycle - sometimes creating solutions before the problem arises thus creating more of a problem.

So, what is the alternative? What is on the other side of the terrible two's phase where we are stuck?

Our inner life creating the world around us.

- Sophie Robertson