Sunday, April 03, 2005

Source energy and creating your life

Just a quick note while traveling between the slings and arrows of outrageous romance and the kiss caravan of life. I have noticed an ever growing interest of people who are trying to connect to the source energy to create their lives. At first I thought that was fabulous, but as I read peoples questions on the forums I began to wonder if the obsession with money is their only driving force?

When you can create any dream in the world is being a millionaire really the extent of your imagination and creativity?

What would you create if there was no such thing as money?

People with money don't dream about making money, they dream about creating, and in doing so they create such beautiful dreams that we all share. Money is the bi-product NOT the dream - or conscious thought.

Did you know that everybody you need to know is a maximum of 6 people away?

Did you know that 150 is the 'magic' number of people that you can share a meaningful relationship?

Did you know that means that every connection to your dream to come into fruition is so close at hand - when are you going to just reach out and take hold?

What are your dreams?
Lets make them materialize!

- Sophie Robertson

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T Detective said...

This is no doubt amazing in my opinion...we have the collective unconcious, the Tibetan Art of Living and God in common. What are the odds of us both starting a Blog around the same time AND meeting each other by chance? Very good it looks like but nonetheless amazing.