Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Quantum revolutions and other wildly empowering thoughts

Empowerment is incredible the way it weaves through our lives, sparking others, giving a real but fleeting sense of our omnipotence. The more you give it away to others the more they give it back - it's the perfect merry-go-round!

My life has entered an incredible shift where possibilities abound. I'm unsure exactly when or what created the shift but it came when it was most needed and appreciated. I entered this world, the world of this shift, at a point of despair. Now I dance around in clouds of all things possible. The more I allow myself to enter this world the wilder and fascinating it becomes - and then I continue with vigour and wonder. I am in such awe!

I was wondering what kind of stories are out there from people being and getting empowerment?

-Sophie Robertson

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