Monday, April 11, 2005

Living a Life Full of Love and Passion

Today has started not feeling quite in the groove. It has me reading Joni Mitchell lyrics. Perhaps it should be a day to reflect, but I so want to throw the shackles of my old self off like the long awaited summer sun. The world isn't set up the way I would have set it up, if anyone had thought to ask. I wouldn't have life conducted by bureaucrats! There would be a world filled with passion, compassion, love and a great deal of magic. My thought is best articulated in this quote -

"Why do you dream flat tires
When you dream flat tires?"

Joni Mitchell

There is nothing stopping me myself from having that life full of love and passion.
I've been blessed with an abundance of creative people poured into my life.

I just wish the whole world could see the colour of the sky in my world.
Sophie Robertson

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