Sunday, May 01, 2005

Adventures Down The Rabbit Hole - So Far

“I don’t understand you,” said Alice. “It’s dreadfully confusing!”
“That’s the effect of living backwards,” the Queen said kindly: “it always makes one a little giddy at first—”
“Living backwards!” Alice repeated in great astonishment. “I never heard of such a thing!”
“—but there’s one great advantage in it, that one’s memory works both ways.”
“I’m sure mine only works one way,” Alice remarked. “I can’t remember things before they happen.”
“It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,” the Queen remarked.
—Lewis Carroll,
Through the Looking-Glass

In my travels so far I tapped into events happening, I think past, present and future ... you tell me! Here's a somewhat edited version of events so far:

Oh Sophie!!!!I just heard Louise Arbor interviewed and they asked her if she felt she had succeeded in making a difference in her life and she answered that she gaged her success by whethere she had made a difference in relation to the opportunities presented to her and she was very thankful for the opportunities she had been given.I heard this and thought of you. My thought was, bless ya for not waiting to be presented with anything. You just forge ahead.Thanks for making me THINK!!!!crystal:)

To Crystal:
I was peeing, and thinking WHAT AM I DOING? (not about the peeing) Why am I doing the blog? What is this whole thing about? Am I crazy ... am I creating a split in my personnality ... am I really just avoiding my life and that it hasn't turned out the way I thought it would? And then I came down stairs and checked the gmail and read your comment, thanks I needed that!
So now that I read all sorts of incredible quantum stuff this morning I'm off to a bookstore to try and find "The Yoga of Time Travel" by Fred Alan Wolf. I put a link on Quantum Revolution to his site if you want to get the brain juices bubbling.
6 days to go
xxx miss ya
*Hey maybe we can figure out time travel, that would cut down on airplane costs!
**Are you laughing??? But I'm serious!

To Crystal:
decided to meditate, it was so amazing I was in the middle of the ocean going up and down with the waves
then there was lightcoming through the top of my head
I started to think of the houses, our houses
and then the name of your organization HIT me
the idea behind it is like landscape, taking care of the gardens - but the gardens are childhood
think about it

To Sophie:
YOU ARE CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been emailing this woman about desiging landscapes for
children...... I've recently joined this new forum and it's been the
hot topic of discussion since I got here.
I will forward some it to you.
I'm creeped out!!!

To Crystal:
HA! COOOOOL! That is shiver-down-the-spine worthy! You know I'm going to have to try that again ... it is almost time travel - psyche travel. Definitely coool!

"Further, consider that having a two-way memory could lead, as the queen suggests, to distinct advantages. For example, it might help you deal with synchronicities and experience of déjà vu, avoid health problems, make significant predictions about your life, and offer many other benefits, as may become clear as this book unfolds."
- Fred Alan Wolf PhD
The Yoga of Time Travel: How The Mind Can defeat Time

Happy travels everyone,
-Sophie Robertson

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Crystal "B" said...


Today is the first of the month. Did you remember to say white rabbits when you awoke??? That is said to bring you good luck for the month... You may not have said it, but you were thinking about rabbits!!! What does May have in store for you???