Saturday, May 14, 2005

How To Survive Uranus Conjunct Mars

The energy the past few weeks has been erratic and aggressive for so many that I thought
- What's up Mars?

Sure enough when I checked transiting Uranus and Mars are conjunct

... in other words they are sharing the same space
... this can be quite a challenge for some of us mere mortals
... it's like a full moon times 1000!

So where and how is this coming out in individual lives? Well I'm about to tell you, and hopefully you can ,if not relax, at least be able to say "oh that's just that crazy Uranus Mars conjunction again".

As you may be aware your chart is made up with every planet, expressed in what are called houses.

The good part of Mars is it gives us energy, grit and a well defined backbone in life. The not-so-good part of Mars is that it can give us an excess of energy causing bumps, bruises or even more serious accidents, an overly aggressive attitude, leap before we look, anger, frustration and even depression. It's expression is dependent on how it's effecting your birthchart and how willing you are to be aware and perhaps adjust how you're using your energy.

The good part of Uranus is it gives us that spark inside that is unique only to us. It's that part of us that screams
"I just have to be ME"

The not-so good part of Uranus is sometimes we just want to fit in with the status quo. Uranus will say
"I have plans for you"

and the more we dig our heels in the more Uranus pulls the rug from under our feet. I have to tell you

-"It's a FUTILE battle"-

Uranus is going to win, you are going to be all that you can be, NO exceptions!

So what am I suggesting? - Take the good of both and go for it! You have to anyway ...unless of course you enjoy bumps, bruises and carpets flying out from under your feet. So if you have been dealing with aggression, anger, depression feeling like the rug is being pulled up you might want to do something about that and change for the better.

-Sophie Robertson

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