Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Everyday Illusions

As I was driving this morning I was thinking about masks. Not about mask making, but the masks people wear. Whether it's groovy sunglasses, make-up, or even the car we drive.

What happens if we strip away the mask?

Although we wear masks all the time we don't necessarily consciously have an intent.

What happens if we intentionally create our mask?

Is who we are indicative by our make-up, clothes and possessions?

-Sophie Robertson


Anonymous said...

we always intentionally create our masks, just by thinking that we exist.
If you "think/know" that you exist, you've made a mask.

What happens if you strip that away?

Sophie Robertson said...

A very existential comment, I like it.
But alas we humans do believe we exist and so my mission is to try to be MORE conscious. To choose the mask rather than have it chosen for me.
Keep the thoughts flowing,