Monday, October 10, 2005

It's Mars, No Big Surprise!

Mars is at it again - and by again I mean that the fiery god is in retrograde
... appearing to move backwards
... giving us more of the same aggravation!
... being an annoyance!

The red demon is traveling through the sign of Taurus.
Taurus enjoys:
  • sensual pleasure
  • steadfastness
  • loyalty
  • strives for security.
It's an earth sign which gives it a great grounding - however ... you knew that was coming ... when provoked for a long time
the bull see's RED!

So what is the good news?

How can we utilize this energy?

Actually, it's fairly simple in theory ... isn't it always! Wherever you are being provoked take a good long look at the situation.

Have you been ignoring this situation
hoping that with patience it would resolve itself?

Guess what, you were wrong! Mars is there to take up arms and fight the good fight. Taurus will assist in keeping Mars focused in the good fight and not running amok.

Sometimes to change your situation in life you have to act. Yikes!

-Sophie Robertson

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