Saturday, June 10, 2006

When Questioning Life

Some people can analyze their lives, pick through the moments and sort out which made an impact. They can figure out where they made a detour, and how to re route. I'm not one of those people ... I don't even know if I believe you can sort out your future, much less sort it out by looking backwards.

I was sitting at the kitchen window sipping my coffee and listening to the windchimes and I realized that some people turn their lives around, and some people don't. Some people know where it all went wrong and still can't change their trajectory. Some people know where it all went wrong and can change the outcome. Some don't know where it went wrong and somehow things change for the better. There doesn't seem to be any set way - no ten easy steps for everybody.

As I was sitting at the kitchen window sipping my coffee, trying to pick through the moments, trying to sort it out I wondered: Maybe my life is more like the wind, does anyone know where the wind begins?

-Sophie Robertson


devlin said...

maybe the wind, like the water in a stream, just flows.
maybe there are no real choices about "changing one's life around", only the opportinuty to resist that change, or "blow with the windchimes".
maybe it is all about surrendering to the nature of life, and not to try and "make it better", since resisting the universe, infinitely powerful as it is, is rather a futile exercise.

Golan said...

I've been reading your answer to a Blog question from Fred Alan Wolf.

Since What The Bleep, my life has changed (exploding, imploding and now being stable), and I live in sinchronicity.

I would love to share comments (I'm preparing a paper on how it changed my life, which probably I will post on my blog). Since then, you can reach me at:

e-mail: pere.serrano [at] gmail [dot] com
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Lots of LOVE,