Friday, February 17, 2006

Walking the Camino

Recently I have been longing to go to France and Spain to walk the Camino De Santiago. It is a pilgrimage that stretches 560KMs from the french Pyrenees border to Santiago de Compostela. I've read tons of personal accounts from travellers and one of the stories that stuck in my head was a Canadian woman that was walking the pilgrimage and kept noticing little piles of stones along the paths. Finally she asked another traveller and was told that people pick up stones and hold them as they walk along the path. They think about all the things that are weighing them down and then, when they are ready, they place the stone down leaving the burden behind.
I had a flash the other day when I was walking in my neighbourhood - you don't have to walk the actual Camino to experience the Camino. Then all of a sudden little stones appeared on my path.

-Sophie Robertson


Dear Roomie said...

Did those little stones on your "ordinary" street in Toronto call you to pick them up and find out what it is that is weighing you down? Or did they represent other people's stones that they had laid to rest on their journey?

Sophie Robertson said...

They called to me to pick them up, and then place them down to walk away from what was weighing me down.

Jewel Scatterer said...

I have just stumbled across your blog by looking at profiles with the word 'soul' in them...I loved your line of 'My mind's eye is ever focused on the distant star'. I have to ask you...are you spiritual or religious at all?

Sophie Robertson said...

I am spiritual - I checked out your site too. See you like persian food, YUM!