Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How to Keep the Unwanted Out

Today I finally figured out how to keep unwanted spam comments from popping up on my blog. It was so easy, I just went into SETTINGS under COMMENTS and switched my selection to yes for a word verification. That means if you are commenting you have to type in some extra letters. If an automated computer is leaving a message, it's out of luck! Yeah!

If only every unwanted part of life was that easy!

-Sophie Robertson


Jaqlin said...


I was searching for other bloggers who've read the book "Ask and It Is Given." I just finished reading it a couple weeks ago and have already noticed some positive changes. =) I hope you don't mind - I linked your blog from mine. Please let me know if you'd rather me remove it.

Happy Bloggin!

Sophie Robertson said...

I was just thinking about that book before I opened my email and found your comment. If you're near a movie rental you should check out "What the bleep" it helps you understand how we intentionally create our world we call reality.
ps cute kid